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Engineering Design Process
  • Engineering Design Process
  • Engineering Design Process
  • Engineering Design Process

Engineering Design Process

In-service workshop for Sacred Heart School, Yankton, SD

Program Description: 

Using the Winter Olympics theme, administrators and K-8 teachers of all content areas explored the engineering design process and how to integrate science into other content areas. Much learning, collaboration and laughter occurred as participants designed, tested and improved on the challenge presented to them. Using cardboard as the primary construction material, groups representing different countries were challenged to build, test and improve a torch, bobsled, snowboard, curling stone, ice skates, figure skating rink and routine, an Asian musical instrument and skies.

Some comments from participants:
  • This workshop was recommended by all participants.
  • Not to be afraid to let kids go! Don’t feel like I have to pre-teach every concept. Let them explore/investigate.
  • The hands–on activities were so much fun and gave us a better understanding of the process.
  • The workshop opened my eyes to bring in science into my other content areas.
  • Encouraged students to facilitate and take lead and explore instead of getting info “poured into” by teacher.
  • I thought because it was not part of my Religion content that I would be bored, but it was great!
  • STEM is cross curricular.
  • …acquired a new way of looking/thinking about science & teaching science.
Participants in Action: