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Science in Action: Next Generation Science Education Workshop

Program Description: 

This course provided teachers an opportunity to experience and build skills in 3D Science instructional framework—practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas—along with best practices and interdisciplinary classroom strategies that incorporate movement and physical activity with learning objectives. Educators were involved in activities from the lens of a student and then reflected, evaluated, and planned how to apply the 3D science framework and active learning principles through personalized lessons and activities with their unique group of students in the upcoming school year.

Participating Organizations:

Sanford fit
Sanford Promise
Steckelberg Consulting
Schools Alive!

Responsibilities included providing the following during the 3-day workshop:

  • Overview of NGSS Science Standards Framework
  • Connecting science lessons to the SD Science Standards
  • Identifying the “Big Idea” of a unit
  • Overview of the use of Phenomena in science education
  • Overview of 5E Instructional Model
  • Support participants in developing science lessons that focus on a “big idea” and applied the NGSS Science Standards Framework, SD Science Standards and the 5E Instructional Model